Ok...so, you're a fan of everything Todd Haberkorn..and we know you have a lot of questions. We get a ton of questions from fans regarding Todd and this is your chance to get answers. Check out the questions below - click a question title to reveal the answer.


Can Todd Come To The Con In My Area?

If you wish to see Todd at your local convention then you have to contact the convention’s guest relations staff to request him to appear. He will not automatically attend a con or make a return appearance – the con has to hire him.


Also if you want to know if another voice actor will be appearing with Todd you will have to contact their fan club not ours. We only keep Todd’s schedule :)

Does Todd Have A Son?

Yes – a Haberclone is out in the world – learning the ways of the world and how he can dominate with awesome sauce.

What Is Todd’s Favorite Comic Book?

Hard decision…Justice vol. 1-3 is a fantastic read. Old Man Logan was great, but rushed. Kingdom Come and The Dark Knight Returns is cool beans.

What Is Todd’s Favorite Video Game?

Metal Gear Solid 2 was fantastic! But recently, a lot of iOS games like Plants vs Zombies, Jet Pack Joyride, and tower defense games!

What Is Todd’s Favorite Anime?

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

What Are Todd’s Hobbies?

Filmmaking, working out, watching movies, video games, comic books, and of course hiding his secret identity of being a masked vigilante from the world.

Star Wars or Star Trek?

The love child of both…they’re like mint chocolate chip ice cream and peppermint ice cream – they both rock the house! And if only one flavor is available at the time, hey – you’re still eating ice cream!

Who Are Todd’s Favorites Characters He Has Voiced?

Todd’s favorite characters he has voiced are as follows (in order of his absolute favorite listed first):


  • Sgt. Frog
  • Allen Walker
  • Natsu

How Did Todd / How Do I Become A Voice-Actor?

He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Southern Methodist University in TX. He has a major in theatre and minor in teaching. Todd was a teacher when he graduated from college. From there he went on to do many theatrical shows, commericals, print work, etc., when he was asked to do an audition for Funimation. This is how he got started in his work as a Voice Actor.


It was not his first choice as he wanted to move to LA right out of college to do film but it wasn’t in the cards at that time. However, after time passed, he finally made the move to LA and is hitting the pavement daily to get work. He is constantly auditioning and never turning down a role because you want your resume to grow!


There isn’t a specific class on Voice Acting or a degree in it, you have to get a degree in theatre/arts. Then you can decide what field you want to work in. Make sure it is what you want to do because you will starve unless you constantly and actively look for work when choosing professional acting as a career. It is not a 9-5 job and very few get lucky to be big names in the movie world or even in the anime world. Very few become actors like Johnny Depp, as an example, although we are hoping that Todd will become the next Johnny Depp!


Also you have to live in the area where the work is. For example, Todd is from Arlington, TX so Funimation is nearby.


These are the best words of wisdom we can offer.


Fan Club President, Suzette Hullette’s theatre holds a voice acting workshop every year that Todd and Kent Williams come in to teach for 1 day. Check our website for details as we always post information here with details.


We hope this information is helpful. Just remember not everyone is lucky and some people fall into the field by accident without formal education. You may be able to do hundreds of voices, but if you cannot act no one will want to hire you.

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